New Beginnings

new-beginningsThe start of a new year inevitably heralds new beginnings, and the same is true this year for the Still Point Journal: the founding editorial team have handed the publication over to a brand-new team. (If you’re interested in finding out more about us, head over to our bios under the ‘About’ section.) We are excited to continue the great work that has been done so far with the blog, whilst also adding our own slant to it. As a new addition to the blog, we will be expanding its current scope beyond reflective pieces concerning research by incorporating monthly ‘Calls for Submissions’ around various themes. These themes will be announced at the beginning of every month, both on the blog itself as well as on social media to generate a more eclectic series of contributions.

Our assemblage as a new editorial team inspired the theme for this month: ‘New Beginnings’. For us, the theme encompasses a broad scope of considerations: personal reflections of new beginnings experienced as research students, the role of reception in creating something novel from an older art form, reactions to current affairs pointing to the shift in world politics, and many more. As before, in addition to these monthly themes, we will still accept blog submissions reflecting the experience of London-based researchers on a rolling basis.

Please send submissions to


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