Celebrating Stories: The Still Point Issue II Launch Event

dsc02438Coming across the second print issue of the Still Point Journal is a bit like sitting down with a book of fairy tales. The cover reminds one of the edge of a forest, its branches beckoning the traveler to partake in stories of wonder – some dark, some delightful, and some delightfully dark. For this wanderer, the experience derived from the conveyance of stories through spoken word is one that sharpens the senses. These feelings move beyond introspection into a space of deep empathy, as we collectively share in the emotional responses of others. It is for these reasons that I think, above all else, the motivation behind the Still Point launch event is about extending the artistic process. The journal does not simply showcase creativity, but encapsulates creative engagement.


The event was again held at The Gallery Café in Bethnal Green, providing an intimate setting perfect for relaxed conversation. After the editorial team briefly spoke about the journal and their experience in making it, there was the opportunity to hear three excerpts of submissions included in the journal. As noted earlier, being able to hear these words, spoken aloud in the present, was unique, an occasion where the lines between author and audience became blurred in the shared experience. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to meet the new editorial team and hear about their ideas for the upcoming year.


While the main focus of the event was to celebrate the artists behind these remarkable narratives of prose, poetry, and illustration, it was also made clear by those in attendance that the editorial team deserved equal celebration. Issue II was not simply an anthology of artistic contributions, but an artistic contribution in itself – one made possible through the hard work and creativity of its editors.


The team would like to offer its thanks to everyone who made the launch possible: The Gallery Café, the sound engineer, photographer, designers, contributors, and of course those who attended.


To read the journal online, or to find out how to order a free print copy of your own, click here. Be on the lookout for the upcoming Call for Submissions of Issue III.

Photos by Christopher Webb, see them all on our Facebook page.

Write up by Nicholas Rheubottom, first-year PhD student in the Music Department at KCL and blog editor for The Still Point Journal 2017 team.

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