The Still Point Call for Submissions 2017: Borders (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

The Still Point Journal is a bit like a ‘Tardis’ – barreling through the depths of space and time, it transports the mind to universes limited only by those imaginations that govern them. This journal is dedicated to academic culture, music, film, arts, and research. We encourage researchers to infuse modes of perception and expression in their responses and to transform and challenge dominant structures of literary writing. From the footnotes to the bibliography, we celebrate everything manifested through the research process. The journal aspires to reflect and represent the voices of creative thinkers and researchers. 

Following our successful launch of the second issue, we are now accepting submissions for Issue 3: Borders.  The Still Point is looking for innovative responses in a variety of forms including, narratives, essays, short fiction, and poetry.


We invite you to think creatively and radically about how borders play a part in your experiences of life and work – positively, negatively, physically, and metaphorically.  How do we experience borders, how do they influence us, what are our tactics for coping with them, how do we go about breaking them down, and what does the act of accepting or choosing to disregard them do to the borders? Responses on the discourse of border crossings, moving across various borders in life and literature, gender and race borders, or boundaries and limitations in research are welcome.

­In our lives and/or academia, we experience borders between disciplines, and subjects; borders of nationality, belonging, and identity; political and ideological borders; borders that deny or limit access within academia; and the borders we set for ourselves and the work we do.

Contributors can explore these questions through non-fiction, short fiction, poetry, and visual work in all forms.  Responses can be as creative and elaborative as you like, and we are particularly interested in seeing work that blurs the boundaries of form and genre.

Submission Guidelines:

·         Non-fiction pieces should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words

·         Short stories should be no more than 2,000 words in length

·         Poetry should comprise of no more than three collective entries

·         For all visual submissions please send us a high quality digital file.

Deadline: Please send any questions or submissions to by the 17 July 2017.

If you want to discuss an idea with us before you make a submission, please drop us a line: Contributors should be currently affiliated with a research institution, although we are also interested in hearing from artists, designers and illustrators who would like to collaborate with researchers on their pieces.

The aim of the journal is to encourage conversation and exchange between researchers from disciplines across the Arts & Humanities and in the academic space of London and the larger global community interacting with it. We hope that The Still Point Journal will engage readers and writers in new conversations and open up the niches of our research to new audiences.

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