Call for Submissions: The Still Point Blog – Spring 2019

The Still Point Journal is a literary journal for Arts and Humanities researchers, established in 2014. The Still Point Blog aims to be a forum for discussion, dialogue, collaboration and experimentation.

We invite submissions for the Still Point Blog throughout the spring of 2019. We welcome blog post submissions of 400–500 words (accompanying images or photographs encouraged). However, if you have a longer – or shorter – piece in mind, please contact us to discuss it. We would also be delighted to publish videos, images or any experimental forms of disseminating or reflecting on research.

This spring, the blog submissions focus on three broad themes:

1) January-February: Apocalypse
2) March-April: Excavation
3) May-June: Tangents

The themes can be interpreted in the widest possible sense. For example, ‘apocalypse’ can mean, in addition to destruction of a world, an uncovering or a revelation. These themes are meant to inspire, not restrict, your blog post ideas. The themes could inspire you to write about your research subject, an offshoot of it, your process of research, or the experience of being a researcher.

The first deadline for submissions on the theme Apocalypse is 25 January 2019 and on Excavation 24 February 2019. The submissions are accepted on a rolling basis until the first deadline for the next theme. Please email your submission to

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