Araki’s Apocalypses: Fragments of Doom

Ahead of Gregg Araki’s upcoming series Now Apocalypse, Jacob Engelberg presents a .gif collage exploring the theme of apocalypse throughout the auteur’s body of work. From alien invasions to New World Orders to fecund desert landscapes, and Armageddon Day itself, Araki’s fictional universes often find themselves on the brink of ruin. These precarious worlds—and the despondent characters who inhabit them—are typical of Araki’s singular style. If the world is doomed anyway, then we might as well jump headlong into hedonism as we tumble carelessly on our perilous decline into the abyss.

1. this is how the world ends

2. the living end

3. three bewildered people

4. white bird

5. nowhere (resized)6. totally fucked up7. kaboom8. mysterious skin9. kaboom10. nowhere11. the living end12. nowhere12. totally fucked up13. mysterious skin13. nowhere (resized)14. kaboom15. nowhere16. kaboom17. the living end18. mysterious skin19. this is how the world ends

Jacob Engelberg is a doctoral candidate at King’s College London, where he is researching bisexual transgression in cinema, 1970s-2000s. He is the author of: ‘“How Could any One Relationship Ever Possibly be Fulfilling?”: Bisexuality, Nonmonogamy, and the Visualization of Desire in the Cinema of Gregg Araki’.


Kaboom (2010)
The Living End (1992)
Mysterious Skin (2004)
Nowhere (1997)
This is How the World Ends (2000)
Three Bewildered People in the Night (1987)
Totally Fucked Up (1993)
White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)

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