How to organize a full bed with storage

How to organize a full bed with storage

To ensure that you have enough space for your clothing, consider installing a full bed with storage. These solutions often include tall interior spaces to hang long clothing. Additionally, upper cabinet space is great for items you rarely use. If you don’t want to install a full-sized closet, floating shelves are a great solution. They serve as bedside tables and minimalist shelving units and can be painted a gradient color.

Stacking cabinets:

Adding a few shelves to the foot of a full bed is one of the easiest ways to add more storage. Rather than purchasing dressers and other furniture to fit under a bed, you can purchase a stacking cabinet, which has the advantage of being ready-to-assemble and requires just a few screws. Stacking cabinets are also more versatile than dressers, as they fit in more places than a traditional dresser.


You can easily add shelves to your full bed if it has a headboard. Bed headboard storage is a smart idea as it does not look like an ordinary shelf and blends in with the rest of your decor. This is ideal for items that you need to access quickly but are not yet in need of a storage unit. You can also attach hooks on the headboard for hanging smaller items like towels and other personal items.

Under-bed storage:

You can find many ways to store things under your bed. The easiest way to do this is to buy storage boxes and baskets, easy to pull out and put back. For convenience, buy storage boxes with wheels, which will save you from wearing out your floor. You can also use storage boxes for shoes, which are easy to access and store. Under-bed storage can also be a convenient place to keep extra blankets and pillows.

Under-bed storage bins made from recycled plastic bottle fibers can easily slide underneath most bed frames. They are a safe way to store winter clothes and seasonal clothing. However, their rigid lids can make them difficult to remove when necessary. You may want to choose storage boxes or drawers with soft and flexible lids for these reasons. Then, place items in these boxes or drawers.