True Cartridge Tattoo Needles – Membrane, Sterilization, and Autoclave

True Cartridge Tattoo Needles – Membrane, Sterilization, and Autoclave

You may have already heard about true tattoo needle cartridges, and you may be wondering, how do they keep them safe? In this article, we’ll discuss Membrane, Sterilization, and Autoclave. These three steps are necessary to keep your tattoo needle cartridges safe. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll learn to keep your tattoo needle cartridges safe and sterile.


The Autoclave sterilizes tattoo needles and tubes. To use the Autoclave, you must first prepare your tattoo needles and tubes by washing them thoroughly. After that, place them into the autoclave basket or bag. Fill the autoclave with water between the high and low-level marks. Then, could you turn it on? Each cycle will last for about an hour or two, depending on the machine.

To operate the Autoclave, you must follow the directions carefully. After cleaning the tattoo needle, you must follow the instructions to run the sterilizer properly. It would help if you trusted your artist to use the Autoclave correctly. You can also purchase disposable plastic tubes, which come pre-sterilized and packaged. These tubes are easy to dispose of once the treatment is completed. If you don’t have an Autoclave at home, it is good to purchase a disposable plastic tube for each tattoo.


Tattoo artists who use disposable needles should purchase True Membrane Cartridge Needles. They are the preferred choice of tattoo artists for many reasons, including their safety and sterility. True Membrane Cartridge Needles have a smooth, linear action and high-quality sealed casings. These needles do not allow backflow into the machine, which prevents cross-contamination. Tattoo artists can check whether a cartridge is leaky by soaking it in water or ink or blowing it on the back end. Test cartridges with disposable needles before using them on clients to ensure no backflow.


While most tattoo equipment is disposable, some items must be sterilized before use. The most popular sterilization methods for these items are autoclaves, which use high temperatures and high pressures to kill harmful bacteria. However, if your shop is not equipped with an autoclave, you can still sterilize the needle cartridges using other methods. The autoclave is a good choice for tattoo shops and other healthcare facilities.