Submissions Guidelines

The Still Point is a new literary journal for Arts and Humanities researchers. We aim to be a forum for dialogue, collaboration and experimentation, and offer a space for creatively writing through ideas in original forms.

‘The still point’ reflects our experience of being new researchers and represents those moments when we take time out of our days for deep thinking and reflection: when the world gets quiet but our minds are still racing.

Our print edition is supported by the AHRC and London Arts and Humanities Partnership, meaning that the majority of our print issue is given over to London-based researchers. Our blog, however, is open to all.

Print Submissions

Issue #4:

For Issue #4 of the print publication, we welcome contributions that engage with the theme ‘traces’. The theme is open for creative interpretation, and contributions could explore – but are not limited to – the following ideas:

  • Traces as an indication of existence
  • Traces of the past and/or future
  • Traces that are visible or geographical
  • Invisible traces
  • Traces as inspiration
  • Traces as a narrative

You can submit short stories, prose fiction, poetry, images, visual art, or non-fiction writing, including reflections or short essays.

Submission guidelines

  • Non-fiction pieces should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words
  • Short stories should be no more than 2,000 words in length
  • Please send between 1 and 3 poems
  • All visual contributions should be sent as a high-quality digital file.

We welcome submissions from PhD researchers. Please email your submission to by 1st September, 2019.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email to us. We would be happy to discuss your ideas before submission.

Blog Submissions

We invite submissions for the Still Point Blog throughout 2019. We welcome blog post submissions of 400–500 words (accompanying images or photographs encouraged). However, if you have a longer – or shorter – piece in mind, please contact us to discuss it. We would also be delighted to publish videos, images or any experimental forms of disseminating or reflecting on research.

This autumn, the blog submissions will focus on a single central theme:

October-November: Echoes

The themes can be interpreted in the widest possible sense. The theme is meant to inspire, not restrict, your blog post ideas. You could write about your research subject, an offshoot of it, your process of research, or the experience of being a researcher.

The Still Point Journal is supported by:

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