Call For Blog Submissions: (Absent) Voices

absent-voicesFor March 2017, our theme over at the Still Point blog will be (Absent) Voices. We are seeking blog posts from doctoral and early career researchers that engage the subject of voices in a multiplicity of ways – the voices you use in your research, the voices that are defining political and academic discussion today, and the voices that are typically marginalised or suppressed within academic and other communities. Submissions usually take the form of non-fiction, but we also accept fiction, poetry, and visual art.


Ideally submissions will be:

  • between 500-750 words with original or high quality images (but we may accept longer pieces)
  • for visual and multimedia artists, send us high quality images of your artwork or embed links to sound, video work, or gifs, accompanied by up to 300 words.

We encourage creativity and flexibility, both in response to the theme and in terms of the form which entries take.

The Still Point Journal is a literary journal for Arts and Humanities researchers in London, funded by the LAHP (London Arts & Humanities Partnership) and the AHRC. Our focus is on non-fiction writing related to the process and the experience of conducting research, and on creative articulations of and responses to this experience.

Please send submissions to

Getting Started: the PhD thing

Getting Started illustration 12.32.49

So. It’s the 21st of December, which means I’ve been ‘doing this PhD thing’, as my housemates put it, for almost three months now.

I’ve just about pinned down my question into a neat sentence: ‘how do Anglo-Saxon things perform social, cultural, or political work today?’. I’ve scribbled that question on post it notes, each time with slightly different wording, and stuck them around my room, used them to save pages in my library books, and dreamt about them. I have the question, but what next? Continue reading