5 anti-aging elements that make you look younger

With the scientific and technological advancement in every other field today, you have a choice of five top notch elements to prevent ‘Aging’ as well.

An anti-aging serum is on top of the list. It works by increasing the production of collagen making the skin taut and beautiful. You will be able to notice the difference within four weeks or less, some would experience changes within the first week of using the anti-aging serum depending on their skin types.

Best Elements that can Reverse or Slow Down Aging

The anti-aging serum obviously gives the fastest and most visible results and it is easy to use as well. The best anti-aging creams have retinol and vitamin A as their main ingredients because they have the ability to make the skin as good as new in a short period of time.

Peptides are next on the list that controls the production of collagen levels, making the skin look better over a period of regular usage. Apply an anti-aging peptide serum regularly to ensure that you continuously send the message to your skin to keep on producing collagen.

The third element called EGCG or epigallocathechin, comes from green tea and is very potent and effective in combating aging. Epigallocathchin is hundred times more powerful than Vitamin C and helps combat free radicals in the body. It is around 25 times more potent than Vitamin E and promotes healthy beautiful skin. Most anti-aging serums in the market contain EGCG for its beautifying properties.

Anti-Botox peptide is yet another element that can do wonders to your skin. Known as the Argireline, it gives an instant face life without needles and works by relaxing the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles, similar to the Botox principle. You will find a 30 percent sure reduction in wrinkles in about 30 days after using this element.

The final element that has been around for centuries is Vitamin C which is famous for its anti-free radical properties. Concentrated anti-aging serum capsules with Vitamin C that are easily found should be used as a topical application for best results. Also, if you are suffering from facial dark spots, use a vitamin C based best face serum for hyperpigmentation.

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